Rabbi Mintz

Who is Rabbi Mintz?

Rabbi Mintz is a prominent spiritual leader and community architect, serving as the founding rabbi of Kehilat Rayim Ahuvim, a thriving Modern Orthodox community established on the dynamic Upper West Side of Manhattan in 2004. His visionary leadership has cultivated a vibrant and inclusive environment, attracting individuals from diverse backgrounds to engage in a meaningful exploration of their faith.

In 2022, Rabbi Mintz demonstrated his commitment to inclusivity and education by co-founding Project Ruth, an innovative initiative dedicated to guiding potential conversion candidates through a comprehensive and accessible Orthodox conversion to Judaism. This project stands as a testament to his dedication to fostering an environment where individuals can deepen their connection to Judaism, providing guidance and support on their spiritual journeys.

Beyond his role at Kehilat Rayim Ahuvim and his involvement with Project Ruth, Rabbi Mintz serves as the Director of 929 English, a groundbreaking web-based project designed to encourage the daily study of a chapter of Tanakh. Through this initiative, he actively promotes a widespread engagement with the sacred texts, fostering a deeper understanding of Jewish tradition among a diverse audience.

In addition to his leadership in these community-based and educational initiatives, Rabbi Mintz contributes to the academic realm. He is a valued member of the Talmud faculty at Yeshivat Maharat, where he imparts his extensive knowledge and experience to shape the next generation of Jewish scholars. Furthermore, his dedication to academic exploration is evident through his six-year tenure as an Adjunct Assistant Professor at City College, New York.

Rabbi Mintz’s educational journey is marked by his rabbinical ordination at Yeshiva University, where he earned both Yoreh Yoreh and Yadin Yadin semikha. Furthering his academic pursuits, he obtained a Ph.D. in Jewish History from New York University, where his dissertation, titled Halakhah in America: The History of City Eruvin 1894-1962, delved into the intricate history of City Eruvin. Reflecting his scholarly contributions, his book Building Communities: A History of the Eruv in America was published in 2022, providing valuable insights into this fascinating aspect of Jewish communal life.

On a personal note, Rabbi Mintz resides in Manhattan with his wife Sharon, creating a nurturing home environment that reflects the values of love, compassion, and dedication to Jewish life. They are blessed with three children, Noam (and Lily), Ariel (and Ashley), and Shoshana, as well as three grandchildren, bringing joy and continuity to their family.

Through his diverse roles as a community leader, educator, scholar, and author, Rabbi Mintz continues to make profound contributions to the spiritual, educational, and historical landscape of the Jewish community in Manhattan and beyond.